Right of Reply email sent
19 August 2008
Dear MR R BROWN, Thank you for your recent email. With reference to your order OW03288171 placed on 28/06/2008 for 716386 270cm Crank and Tilt Parasol with 24 Bui. We can confirm a refund for the amount of 34.89 has been raised on 14/08/2008 and was transmitted in to your account on 18/08/2008. Please allow 5 7 working days from the date of transmission for this amount to reflect in your account.
Customer Services Ideal Shopping Direct Plc
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Complainant: Mr R Brown
Town/City of Residence: Malvern
Published : 03/08/2008

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A description of the good or service offered and what happened.
Purchased a Solar Panel Parasol 28/06/2008, which arrived on July 7th 2008. I found that the item had obviously been sent as faulty. I rang Ideal World and was asked if I wanted a refund or exhange. I chose a refund. I was advised that the goods would be collected in 5-7 working days. Despite the inconvenience of having to arrange someone to be present on all those days no body called. I rang Ideal World and complained. They apologised and arranged for another collection. Once again no one called.. so another time wasted period. I was fuming and rang customer services once again. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no one was available at that time but I would be called back within 24 hours. GUESS WHAT??? No one called. I had emailed Ideal World several times but the waiting time could be anything up to 7 days, but judging by past experience probably 6 months! I composed a letter to the Managing Director Andrew Fryatt giving him all the details and my intention to prosecute sending it on Monday 28th July. In the afternoon I recieved a telephone call from ...yes you've guessed. Ideal World. The woman said she had no knowledge of the problem and could I tell her about it. When I had related everything she agreed that Ideal World had been at fault and that she would be willing to refund me right there and then. I could keep the Parasol(Worthless) and she give me 10 compensation. I refused on the grounds that 10 was derisory offer. She asked how much I would accept. To put an end to the matter I said 25. She asked me to wait while she contacted her manager. After a while she returned and upped her offer by the price of 2 cheap pints! In a certain terms I told her to stuff it, and there the matter lies at present. I am awaiting a response from the managing director but I shan't hold my breath. Next will be a letter, a last notification that I intend to take the matter to Count Court.

What have you attempted to do so far?
28th June purchase goods. 7th of June received faulty goods and telephoned Customer Services. Complained and asked for a refund. Promised collection 5-7 working days. Item was not collected and I telephoned once again. Once again promised collection 5-7 working days. Again no collection. Asked to speak to supervisor promised call back withn 24 hours again no call back.Wrote to managing director on 28th July. On 28th July PM received telphone call from head office. Was made two offers that I refused.

Why you feel your complaint has not been fairly or properly addressed by the company?
My complaint foremost is that I paid for new goods in good condition and that I actually received goods that were obviously faulty. This was followed up by almost complete farce which resulted in someone having to be available at home all day for almost 3 weeks!! Finally being offered a derisory 15 ex gratia payment as compensation, and being treated by IDEAL WORLD with almost total disregard for the problems they themselves instigated.

Editorial Comments
The following is an email update from Mr R Brown regarding recent developments.
Received 3 August 2008 - Mr R Brown wrote:

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With regard to the above story and my letter to the Managing Director Mr.Fryatt, (which he received on July 28th) , I received 2 letters from Ideal World on July 29th. One was from Mr. Fryatt himself in which expressed concern and apologizing and asking that I be patient while he investigates the matter. The other was Customer Services, who obviously had had contact with Mr.Fryatt, again apologising and stating that they making investigations into the matter.
Most annoying both letters ask that if I require help to ring the customer services telephone number. This is the standard number that I had been ringing ever since my problems occurred. I would have thought that in the circumstances the very least they could have done would be to have given me a more direct line in order to save both parties from having to go through the laborious and frustrating experience of explaining the repeatedly each time I contacted a different operator.
It appears that even now the main concern of Ideal World is to protect themselves against inefficiency rather than look at the main reason why this has occurred, that is that they allowed clearly faulty goods to be sent as new to an existing customer!! I shall give them until Saturday 9th of August to respond before I take my next step in any legal proceedings! That will be a final letter of notification of my intent.

Ideal World issued a response which was received by email on 19/08/2008. Click here to view the response